My girls started dancing at Wilkins at ages 4 and 6. We searched for a dance studio for years, trying out a couple of different places and always walking away with disappointment. Wilkins School of Dance is different from any other dance studio. They are professional and they treat your family and dancers like their own close knit family. I can't get over how much they have learned- my youngest daughter names each and every ballet move she does while practicing her routines! The teachers are sweet and empathetic to little one's needs, while also teaching them the curriculum and the cutest age-appropriate dances. The recital is not a typical recital, the choreography is amazing and I always feel like I'm at a broadway show! I am so thankful we found Wilkins, they have certainly impressed me in my few short years of bringing my daughters. My girls have learned more than dance moves, they have gained confidence in themselves and a deeper appreciation for the art of dance.


Melissa Scott



My daughter has been dancing since she was three years old.  She was affiliated with two other local studios as well as temporarily dancing for the Moscow Ballet. During her middle school years we found Wilkins School of Dance.  Moving her there was one of the best decisions we made in reference to the development of both her dance skills and personal growth.  She was provided with challenges and opportunities to excel, while being a part of a wonderful dance family.  Due to the influence and expertise she gained there, she continued with dance throughout her college years primarily as a member of the artistic and production staffs of various theater groups to include service as a choreographer.  These are all talents she absorbed through her relationship with this magnificent studio and its inspired staff.  She is currently a graduate student perusing her master’s degree and is still affiliated with Wilkins School of Dance.  This fantastic place has become a major part of her life.   I owe them a debt of gratitude for helping my daughter become the young lady she is today.


Gary Houze

Proud Alumni Dad



I’ve been at Wilkins School of Dance since I was four years old. I’m in college now, but I can’t stay away from this amazing studio full of wonderful people. I love returning on school breaks to the place that helped make me the person I am today. If you go to this studio, you will create lasting bonds with your teachers and peers, and you will also receive a top-notch dance education. Wilkins School of Dance is a special place that will positively impact many aspects of your life!


Josie Kownack

Alumni Dancer



I started dancing at Wilkins when I was four years old. Eighteen years later, I still come back every time I am home from college to see my studio family. I have grown so much as a dancer during my time at Wilkins. It is my second home and Mrs. Jennifer and the studio never fail to make me feel as if I never left! Wilkins will forever hold a special place in my heart!


Emily LaRock

Alumni Dancer



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